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Horizontal Acceleration Impact Testing Machine

The impact energy is provided by compressed gas storage, and the impact hammer is pushed to impact the resonant plate to produce high energy medium impact.

Detailed introduction:

The impact energy is provided by compressed gas storage, and the impact hammer is pushed to impact the resonant plate to produce high energy medium impact. Compared with the traditional pendulum shock response spectrum testing machine, the instrument has the advantages of high energy, stable performance, high reliability, good repeatability, easy adjustment, safety and environmental protection. It is mainly used in aerospace, aviation and shipbuilding industries.

Product parameters:

Model number HJ-50 HJ-100 HJ-200 HJ一500 HJ-1000
Load (kg) 50 100 200 500 1000
Table size (mm) 500×500 600×600 800×800 1000×1000 1200×1200
Response frequency
range (Hz)
Maximum response
acceleration (g)
15000 12000 10000 8000 6000
Upslope (dB/0tc) 6 ~ 9
Tolerance range ( ± Db) 6 ~ 9
Overall dimensions (mm) 3700×1200×850 4000×1200×850 4300×1440×850 4500×1640×850 4700×1840×850
Body power requirements AC220V±10%,50Hz
Table weight (kg) 3000 3500 3600 3800 4000
Working environment Temperature 0~40C;Humidity ≤80% no condensation

Product features:

1. The system adopts pneumatic energy storage drive to drive the impact hammer, which has large driving force, fast response speed and reliable structure;

2. By adjusting the air pressure to adjust the driving impact energy, easy to operate, high efficiency;

3. Special base for response spectrum, which can improve the installation position of response plate, convenient for users to install specimens and adjust gaskets. In addition, the stiffness of the installation position of the response plate is greatly improved, so that it can be better fixed on the foundation and withstand larger impact loads;

4. Designed a two-level safety switch to fully protect the safety of the operator;

5. The operation software has the functions of shock response spectrum testing machine control, shock data collection and response spectrum analysis.


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