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Which Are The Principal Benefits Of The Ozone Ageing Test Chamber?

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Which Are The Principal Benefits Of The Ozone Ageing Test Chamber?

Rubber products, including vulcanised rubber, thermoplastic rubber, cable insulation sheath, and other items subjected to static tensile deformation, can be tested in an ozone-aging test chamber with a constant temperature, airtight, and lightless air. The sample can be tested for a predetermined amount of time, and the resistance to ozone ageing can be assessed based on surface cracking or other changes in performance;

1. There is no ion contamination

2. Less equipment is needed for ozone treatment when ozone is produced and dissolved during the process;

3. Since ozone is produced from the water that needs to be cleaned, no additional pollution enters the system;

4. It can produce a high quantity of ozone when it is under pressure;

5. The equipment will automatically cease operating if it detects an overheating condition while it is operating;

6. The ozone test chamber will also immediately cease operation in the event of an electric leak, fault alert, or other circumstances, ensuring the safety of the operators;

7. Its features include quick identification, seamless operation, and high dependability;

8. adherence to industrial standards, dependability, and environmental preservation;

9. Environmental protection, research, efficiency, and innovation;

10. A simulation test and scientific design;

While Using The Ozone Ageing Test Chamber, What Should I Be Mindful Of?

High Concentration Ozone Aging Test Chamber

1.A good grounding device for the equipment is necessary to assure both operator safety and equipment longevity, and this can be achieved by installing an overload fuse device in the power supply line;

2. To guarantee that the ozone is tested on each sample at a consistent concentration throughout the test, set the test objects on the test object turntable after numbering them one by one and take care not to let them come into contact or crash with one another;

3. Once the first two points have been fulfilled, shut the chamber door, turn off all of the control system's switches, insert the power socket, and set the power switch turntable to turn on automatically; In parallel, the control system's power indicator is lit up. Turn on the high-temperature and low-temperature switches, as well as the full-automatic control system, if raising the temperature is required;

4. The equipment's operating area must be level and well-ventilated.

5. For this box's unique purpose, an iron-shelled knife switch must be put in the power supply line. Before grounding and energising the shell, kindly inspect this box's electrical performance and note any leaks or open circuits. It is not permitted to place flammable or explosive materials inside this instrument for drying, as it lacks an explosion-proof component.

6. To allow for the easy circulation of hot air, space must be set aside and items should not be crammed inside the chamber too tightly.

It is forbidden to surround equipment with flammable or explosive materials.

It is advisable to prevent incorrect instructions from being given by keeping non-professional persons or individuals who lack operating experience away from equipment.

What Specifications Does The Test Frame's Ozone Ageing Test Chamber Have?

The apparatus consists of an ozone generator, electronic parts, and a casing; Clamp the sample's two ends together at the necessary elongation. The sample's length direction should be roughly parallel to the direction of air flow when it comes into contact with ozonated air; Aluminium and other materials that are difficult for ozone to break down must be used to make the fixture;

The sample rotates at a speed of approximately twenty and twenty-five mm/s. Every sample follows an identical path in a vertical dry air flow plane continuously; The same sample takes eight to twelve minutes to rotate once. The sample's scanning area makes up at least 40% of the test chamber's actual area; The sample preparation must adhere to GB/T 9865.1's guidelines; Cutting the sample from the test piece that was pressed by the new mould is preferable. It can be removed from the completed product if necessary; There must be a minimum of three samples utilised for every test condition. The typical strip sample has a width of at least 10mm, a thickness of 2. Omm ± 0.2mm, and a length of at least 40mm between the two ends of the clamp prior to stretching;

The test frame has extremely strict standards. Naturally, sample placement is also a crucial consideration that must be given careful thought since it can bias and misrepresent the experiment's results. For this reason, we must use extra caution when utilising the ozone ageing test chamber in order to increase the accuracy of the test's conclusions.

What Specifications Does The Ozone Ageing Test Chamber Have For Test Specimens?

Rubber Ozone Aging Test Chamber

1.Samples for the ozone ageing test chamber must be taken in accordance with HG/T3050.1. The sample needs to be cut 50 mm or more away from the coated fabric's edge. The sample must, to the greatest extent feasible, represent the entire batch of products paid. The number of turntables and the volume size can be used to calculate the sample. Pallets and turntables make up the majority of the ageing chamber's partitions;

2. There are static and dynamic sample racks in the ozone ageing test chamber. The tested sample is stretched and fixed up and down for the ageing test in the static ozone ageing test chamber, whereas the test is conducted while extending through the gearbox device in the dynamic one. When choosing the test, consider the two aspects mentioned above;

3. Sample count in the ozone ageing test chamber: three samples should be taken from each direction of the fabric's coated surfaces. The huge ozone ageing test chamber has a rotational table that may be customised to the user's specifications, measuring twelve instead of the typical six. The diaphragm type can be utilised if the product is fairly large, and the test piece can be placed directly on it to conduct an ageing test;

4. A device that controls the average velocity of ozonated air to be at least 8 mm/s, preferably between 12 mm/s and 16 mm/s, must be installed in the ozone ageing test chamber. The gas flow rate is the volume of ozonated air passing through in unit time. The velocity of ozonated air can be computed by dividing the gas flow velocity measured in the chamber by the effective cross-sectional area perpendicular to the air flow in the chamber; during the comparison test, the change of flow rate shall not exceed 10%. The gas flow rate needs to be high enough to stop the sample's natural consumption of dry ozone from lowering the tank's ozone content;

Goal Of The Ozone Test:

Ozone Test Chamber, also known as Ozone Ageing Chamber or Ozone Ageing Test Chamber, is designed with rubber's sensitivity to ozone in mind. It replicates an environment that speeds up rubber ageing caused by ozone. It compares the ageing results of several items (test samples) to one another using the same ozone ageing test circumstances and standards, resulting in ageing resistance performance that is similar.

Testing Procedure:

The test sample is exposed to a consistent ozone concentration, air temperature, and closed, non-illuminated test box during the ozone ageing test. The sample is evaluated at a predefined time to assess its resistance to ozone ageing by measuring the degree of its cracks or any other change in performance. Static and dynamic tensile tests were part of the ozone ageing process. Important variables in this ageing test include the sample tensile ratio, temperature, humidity, and ozone concentration.

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