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Walk-in Precision Drying Oven

The air circulation system adopts dual motor horizontal circulation air supply mode, and the air circulation is uniform and efficient.

Product Introduction:

The air circulation system adopts dual motor horizontal circulation air supply mode, and the air circulation is uniform and efficient. The air source is driven by the circulating air supply motor (inverter) to drive the wind wheel (Φ230) through the electric heater, and the hot air is sent out, and then through the air duct to the inner chamber of the oven, and then the air after use is sucked into the air duct to become the air source for re-circulation and heating. Ensure room temperature uniformity. When the temperature value swings due to the opening and closing action, the air supply circulation system can be quickly restored to the operating state temperature value.

Effective size inside oven (depth × width × height) mm: 500×1500×1500 Common working temperature: Room temperature -300 ℃;
Studio liner material: 1.0mm/ thickness of cold steel plate material; Maximum temperature: 300℃ (room temperature to 300℃ can be adjusted);
Housing material: 1.0mm thickness of cold steel plate, outer surface spray paint, color determined by customer; Control accuracy: ±1℃;
Duct material: Made of 1.0mm thickness of cold steel plate material; Temperature difference in box (empty box) : ±5℃;
Reinforcing material: Reinforced with 1.0mm thickness trough cold steel plate; Hot air circulation: Air blast at the top, air ducts on both sides, heating on both sides, pressurized hot air circulation, making the temperature of the studio more uniform;
Insulation material: Thickness 100mm silicone insulation cotton, good insulation Motor power: 750W/380V;  Channel 2.
Door structure: Studio double door, silicone cotton seal, good thermal insulation effect, local strengthening of the installation of the door rod, simple and beautiful, good sealing, long life. Intake system: 1 intake air, installed on the back of the oven, adjustable intake size;
Heating element: The U-shaped electric heating tube produced by a professional heater factory is distributed on both sides of the box with a heating power of 24KW. Exhaust system: Exhaust 1, caliber 100 mm, installed on the top of the studio, the exhaust size can be manually adjusted.

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