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UV Weathering Aging Test Chambers

The UV aging test chamber can simulate the damage caused by sunlight, rain, and dew. Uv is tested in a cycle of alternating light and moisture at a certain temperature.

Product Introduction:

The UV aging test chamber can simulate the damage caused by sunlight, rain, and dew. Uv is tested in a cycle of alternating light and moisture at a certain temperature. In a matter of days or weeks, UV can reproduce the damage that occurred outdoors for months to years. The optical UV UV lamp simulates the effect of sunlight exposure, and simulates rain and dew by condensing moisture.

Studio size (W*H*D) : 1130mm ×400mm×500mm Overall dimensions: 1300mm× 1400mm×700mm
Lamp distance from product: Adjustable (up to 450mm)
Wavelength range: UV-A wavelength range is 315"400nm/UV-B wavelength range is 290~315nm
Radiation intensity: 1.2W / m2 / 340nm Temperature resolution: 0.1℃
Light temperature range: 50℃-70℃/ temperature tolerance is ±3℃
Condensing temperature range: 40℃~60℃/ temperature tolerance is ±3℃
Blackboard thermometer Measuring range: 30~80℃/ tolerance is ±1℃
Temperature control mode: PID self-tuning temperature control mode
Humidity range: About 45%-70%R.H (light state)/more than 98% (condensation state)
Sink requirements: The water depth is not more than 25mm, and there is an automatic water supply controller
Standard specimen size: 1000× 400mm
Recommended instrument environment: 5~35℃, 40%~85%R·H, 300mm away from the wall
The distance of the specimen from the parallel plane of the lamp surface: Approx100mm

uv weathering aging test chambersuv accelerated aging test chamber

Product features:

This product adopts fluorescent ultraviolet lamp which can best simulate the UV spectrum of sunlight, and combines temperature control and humidity supply devices to simulate the discoloration, brightness and intensity decline of the material; Cracking, peeling, powder, oxidation and other damage of the sun (UV segment) high temperature, high humidity, condensation, dark cycle and other factors, while through the synergistic effect between ultraviolet light and moisture to make the material a single light resistance or a single moisture resistance weakened or failed, so widely used in the evaluation of material weather performance, the equipment has to provide the best sunlight UV simulation, low maintenance costs Easy to use, the equipment adopts program controller to automatically run the test cycle, high degree of automation, good lighting stability, and high reproducibility of test results. mouth

Product process:

Equipment shell and inner room are made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel material, the use of the most advanced processing equipment processing molding, shell surface spray treatment, beautiful, smooth. Color coordination, smooth lines. It avoids the disadvantages of surface damage caused by long-term use of aluminum plate surface spraying. Equipment The studio is equipped with humidifier, level switch, blackboard temperature sensor, etc., in addition to eight ultraviolet radiation fluorescent lamps and ultraviolet radiation meter (optional). High quality fixed PU movable wheels are installed at the bottom of the machine, which can easily move the machine to the specified position and finally fix the casters. Continental


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