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Understanding the High and Low Temperature Chamber from 4 aspects

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Understanding the High and Low Temperature Chamber from 4 aspects

How can I tell if a high and low temperature chamber has the right machinery?

In order to guarantee the accuracy of the test, confirm that the seal between the door and the test chamber body is made of a double-layer temperature-resistant sealing strip. An inert door handle has been adopted for the test chamber's door.

Insulation materials are used inside the test chamber to prevent device deformation due to high temperatures and to ensure that the temperature inside the working chamber won't transfer to the device outside, allowing the temperature to remain stable.

Examine the test chambers' numerous parts for damage or incorrect wiring, as well as the sample holder's load-bearing capacity and the use of high-quality stainless steel for welding.

Whether the equipment has a short-circuit automatic shutdown following the fault alert, over-temperature protection system, leakage protection, and other protection.

Examine the exterior of the entire piece of equipment for nicks, and make that the electrical control cabinet line in the test chamber is secure, reliable, and well-kept.

How can the energy efficiency of the high- and low-temperature test chambers be improved?

When the equipment has finished being installed and tested, it should be put in a well-ventilated area, away from a light source to prevent direct sunlight, and with enough space between the front and back of the equipment. For the test chamber's heat dissipation, a general spacing of 70 cm should be maintained.

The test sample should not sluggishly approach the working chamber of the test sample bureau test chamber wall, which should leave a specific gap to allow for air circulation.

Reduce the amount of times the door is opened throughout the test as much as you can to prevent this from happening because the compressor must work for ten minutes after a door is opened in order to restore the high and low temperature recovery.

How to choose the high and low temperature test chamber refrigeration mode?

Test chamber for high and low temperatures The best way to choose the high and low temperature test chamber refrigeration mode is based on the test temperature is different, the refrigeration mode is also different. If you want to achieve the effect of refrigeration, you must use the compressor refrigeration. The compressor is mainly divided into air-cooled, water-cooled, and there is another kind of refrigeration for liquid nitrogen.

If the impact test chamber uses the ambient temperature is low or long-term maintained at 5–25 °C, and include a ventilation system, the phrase "air-cooled" denotes natural cooling, often suitable to small power items. In order to prolong the service life of the equipment, the most comfortable working environment must be provided.

The water tower cannot be placed indoors; it can only be placed on the roof or downstairs. Maintenance is also more difficult; the water pipe must be wrapped, or it is easy to sun crack or freeze, but in the end, it works! "Water-cooled" uses the fluidity of the water temperature to dissipate heat. According to the impact tester installed on the amount of water equivalent water tower, the general recommendation is 8-16 tons. There isn't much of a distinction between the two before; both are used for heat dissipation. However, the heat dissipation varies depending on the customer and the environment. At the same time, we will present the most reasonable program for you based on field considerations as a manufacturer of high and low temperature impact test chambers.

Because of its chemical inertness, liquid nitrogen can be employed as a deep refrigerant and can be directly in contact with biological tissues before being instantly frozen without harming biological activity. Liquid nitrogen is produced in industrial settings by fractionating compressed liquid air. We have utilized liquid nitrogen as a refrigerant to replace the compressor in the process of producing environmental test equipment and to advance the technology of the cryogenic chamber because it has a temperature range of -196 °C. Make a cryogenic chamber with liquid nitrogen.

What are the accelerated high and low temperature chamber's maintenance procedures?

Many users do not clean up after using a rapid temperature chamber or other environmental testing equipment, which can harm the equipment's performance and lifespan in addition to resulting in mistakes in the results of subsequent tests. If you want a piece of equipment to last the business for a long time, you also need to ensure that it is well maintained; otherwise, even knowing how to operate the equipment correctly won't ensure that it will last.

The wet ball gauze is a fast-temperature test chamber on the need for frequent cleaning or replacement of accessories, because prolonged use will cause the gauze to turn yellow and harden, which will prevent humidity sensors from accurately detecting the actual level of humidity in the workplace or cause the controller humidity display error. Therefore, if it is necessary to replace the new gauze, we need to make sure that the installation is cleaned beforehand and that regular cleaning gauze is used, in order to prevent this circumstance from affecting the test results.

In order to link the power cable or other things during the testing process, manufacturers must be informed in advance and given permission to open a test hole in the side of the equipment. This is done by using a fast-temperature test chamber. Do not enter the test line through the door or product links as this could seriously compromise the test chamber's seal and have an impact on the accuracy of the test findings.

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