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Transport Simulation Vibration Testing Machine

Suitable for simulated transportation test of toys, electronics, furniture, gifts, ceramics, packaging and other products.

Suitable for simulated transportation test of toys, electronics, furniture, gifts, ceramics, packaging and other products.

Model number 100 200 300 600 1000
Rotational speed 100-300RPM (RPM) Vibration display accuracy 0.1RPM (RPM)
Mode of vibration Reciprocating (galloping) 25.4MM (1 inch)
Time sets the art circle 0.1seconds-300hours The time limit of all motion is 0-15s
Maximum load 100 200 300 600 1000
Effective table surface (MM) 1000×1200 1000×1200 1000×1300 1300×1500 1400×1500
Motor power 1HP 2HP 3HP 5HP 10HP
Speed regulation mode Dc speed control or AC frequency control Power requirements 220V50/60HZ
Non-standard specification Can be customized according to the requirements of special specifications vibration table

Product features:

1. Low price: the price is only 10% of similar products in the United States

2 Vibration frequency using full liquid crystal display vibration frequency, high precision

3. Synchronous silent belt drive, low noise

4. The sample fixture adopts guide rail type, easy to operate and safe

5. The base of the machine adopts heavy channel steel base with damping rubber, easy to install, stable operation, no need to install anchor screws.

6. Dc motor speed regulation, smooth operation, strong load capacity. 7. According to the European and American similar equipment restructuring, rotary vibration, in line with the European and American transportation standards.


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