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The structure and characteristics of the thermal shock chamber

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The structure and characteristics of the thermal shock chamber

The thermal shock chamber can simulate sudden shifts that occur before high and low temperatures. When equipment is exposed to abrupt fluctuations in ambient temperature, it is typically utilized to detect whether physical damage or performance deterioration occurs. It is a crucial piece of testing equipment for scientific research, home appliances, automobile, aviation, and other fields. To evaluate and establish the specifications and functionality of testing instruments, machinery, electrical, and electronic products after undergoing high and low thermal shock tests, suitable for aircraft flight exposure, air transport – desert exposure, and ground or air – cold exposure.

Type of Thermal Shock Chambers

The following three shapes are typical for the thermal shock test chamber's structure:

1.Three boxes

To start, the thermal shock chamber has three boxes. The components of the three-box design include a test area, a high temperature region, a low temperature area, a cold cabinet, and a control cabinet.A lot of heating and cooling is needed for the three-box structure.

2.Vertical Lifting

The second sort of thermal shock chamber is a vertical lift type. The vertical lift type includes a gondola, a cold cabinet, a control cabinet, a high temperature zone, a low temperature zone, and two temperature zones. Because the basket lift has been converted. As a result, it is minimizing the impact of the outside world. However, if the test space is vast, the test box's overall height will be somewhat high because of the vertical installation in the high and low temperature zones. As a result, the operation will be uncomfortable.This procedure is therefore often appropriate for tiny test chambers.

3.Mobile Horizontal

Thirdly, a thermal shock chamber that is movable and horizontal. The horizontal movable type can accommodate a big test box and also includes a high temperature zone, a low temperature zone, a moving basket, a cold cabinet, and a control cabinet. It is positioned horizontally in the high temperature zone and the low temperature zone.

Thermal shock test chambers of the two-box type include the vertical lifting type and the horizontal moving type.

Above all, the test method selection should be divided based on the unique circumstances. In order to ensure that the test standards are met, the most cost-effective test equipment is used.

The Thermal Shock Chamber's Features

after being aware of the variations between the three categories of thermal shock chambers. The structural features of the vertical lift type thermal shock chamber are then primarily introduced.

The Thermal Shock Chamber Cabinet

The cabinet is composed of gorgeous and lovely sprayed galvanized steel.

The control cabinet is on the right, and the refrigeration cabinet is towards the back. The high temperature test area and the low temperature test area are separated by two upper and lower doors in the front.

Ultra-fine glass wool and polyurethane foam, which has good thermal insulation capabilities, are used as the insulation material. A channel steel structure with good load-bearing capabilities makes up the bottom.

The base is outfitted with casters and support feet to make moving and handling the equipment easier.

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