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Test and maintenance of office chair furniture tester

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Test and maintenance of office chair furniture tester

Concerning The Operational Conditions For Office Chair Durability Testers

It must be strictly operated in order to prevent mechanical wear, extend the life of the machinery, lower the cost of mechanical operation and maintenance, ensure safe production, and keep it in good technical condition and ready for use at all times. What therefore should be the operation of the office chair durability tester?

Operating requirements:

The normal test environment's temperature is 15°–25°C, while the relative humidity ranges from 40%–70%.

Loading specifications

The acceleration rate during the strength test should be as low as feasible to ensure that the added weight can be barely noticeable. To prevent dynamic heating of the specimen during the durability test, the acceleration rate should be slow.

Steps for testing

The test specimens must be performed using the test procedures outlined in this standard. The strength test must be performed on the same test specimen, but the durability test may be performed on other test specimens.

If the test item doesn't adhere to the test methods because of its unique construction, the test should be conducted as closely as possible to the test procedures outlined in this standard, and any significant deviations should be noted in the test report.

The test needs to pass each test level till the test item is destroyed in order to establish the office chair durability tester's service life.

You can do the test directly in accordance with the appropriate level of the test if you want to determine whether the mechanical properties of the office chair durability tester meet the necessary standards.

Regarding The Maintenance Specifications Of The Office Chair Furniture Tester Enterprises

When purchasing office furniture testing equipment, the first thing we must take into account is the instrument installation location in that location, which must meet those requirements and be suitable for any environment. At the same time, we must learn a lot from purchasing office furniture testing machine technicians some specifications, such as knowledge, to learn how to care for instruments, and provide precise data liters to lengthe.The following five points, which you should pay close attention to, are summarized by Hongjin:

1.Avoid direct sunshine:

When installing workplace furniture testing equipment, it is typically advisable to avoid locations near windows and direct sunlight. Since prolonged exposure to the sun can cause furniture to fade, break, peel, etc., and metal furniture can oxidize and lose its luster.

2. Prevent humidity:

The room's dry humidity should be kept at a largely constant level. When using the humidifier, be aware of the spray that isn't immediately directed at the furniture.

3. Keep away from heat sources:

To avoid long periods of time where moisture evaporates too quickly after the furniture is heated, causing the paint surface to crack, peel, and fade the furniture, the office furniture testing instruments should be placed far away from gas, radiators, electric heaters, and other heat sources.

4. Reasonable positioning:

The positioning of workplace furniture testing tools is a crucial link. The earth needs to remain level. The furniture can be stable once it has been set up. Because the stress on each section will be uneven if the furniture is left in a swinging position for an extended period of time.The glued components will open and the fasteners will become less secure, which will shorten the furniture's useful life.

5. Cleaning and maintenance:

When using office furniture testing devices for a long time, dust can accumulate. To remove this dust, use a cotton cloth. Paint the surface of the area instead of using alcohol, refined gasoline, or other liquid wipes. Check the control panel keys for malfunction every two months to ensure that the control panel screws are secure.

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