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Regular Cleaning Is Required For Constant Temperature And Humidity, As Well As Six Maintenance Methods

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Regular Cleaning Is Required For Constant Temperature And Humidity, As Well As Six Maintenance Methods

The purpose of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber is to simulate the temperature and humidity conditions of the product in a climatic environment (high and low temperature operation and storage, temperature cycling, high temperature and high humidity, low temperature and low humidity, dew testing, etc.) in order to determine whether or not the adaptability and characteristics of the product have changed. Various pieces of apparatus that are utilised for the purpose of evaluating the performance of materials in a variety of settings, as well as the resistance of various materials to heat, cold, dryness, and wetness. It is suitable for quality testing of a wide variety of items, including those in the fields of electronics, electronics, mobile phones, communication, instruments, cars, plastic products, metals, food, chemical, construction materials, health care, aerospace, and other areas.

June 2007 marked the beginning of operations for Dongguan Hongjin Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. Specifically, it is a high-tech manufacturing company that specialises in the design and automatic control of large-scale non-standard testing equipment. Some examples of this equipment include simulated environmental testing, material mechanics testing, optical dimension measurement, vibration impact stress testing, new energy physics testing, product sealing testing, and many more! At the same time as we adhere to the corporate idea of "quality first, honesty first, committed to innovation, and sincere service," we also adhere to the quality principle of "striving for excellence." We serve our clients with the highest devotion.

Regular Cleaning Method For Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber

1.The cleaning and maintenance of the refrigerator radiator, also known as the condenser, can be enhanced by utilising forceful air to clear dust and improve the efficiency of heat dissipation (once a month).

2.The primary power switch of the two machines is an essential component that ensures the safety of both the machines and the people who operate them. At regular intervals of three months, it must be examined. During the testing process, you need only click the switch test button, ascertain whether or not the switch is operational, and then reset it.

3. At least once every six months, the machine's electrical accessories should be cleansed of dust on a regular basis, and the wire screws should be examined to see whether or not they are loose and whether or not they are reliable.

4. At all times, the testing area that is located inside the machine should be kept perfectly clean.

5.Circuit breakers and temperature over temperature protectors, which offer safety protection for the products that are being evaluated as well as the operators of the machine. It is requested that you carry out routine inspections and tests.

6.Cleaning and maintaining water tanks.

7.Wet ball gauze should be maintained regularly.

Small Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber

Six Maintenance Methods For Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chambers

1. Excessive or insufficient current in the office environment can cause damage to the refrigeration unit, so everyone should maintain stable power in available areas.

2.Frequent use of a constant temperature and humidity test chamber in a refrigeration unit can lead to abnormal or malfunctioning operation, so there is no need to frequently start the refrigeration unit during the entire release process.

3. The safety factor method for the constant temperature and humidity test box and refrigeration unit, as well as the installation and maintenance of machinery and equipment, are to better ensure the safety factor of the machinery and equipment itself, as well as the safety factor provided by the operators in the operation steps. Therefore, maintenance should be carried out on time to ensure agility and efficiency.

4. The operation direction of the refrigeration unit in the constant temperature and humidity inspection box will damage the refrigeration unit. Therefore, the operation direction of the refrigeration unit should be rigorously checked throughout the entire process of machine equipment operation

Large Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber

5. If the device operates below 0 ° C, the tailgate should be opened as little as possible. When operating at ultra-low temperatures, opening the tailgate can easily cause frost on the internal air conditioning evaporator and its position, especially when the temperature is lower. If it must be opened, the opening time should be minimized as much as possible.

6.When operating at ultra-low temperatures, try to set a temperature standard of 60 ℃ and implement a dry solution for about 30 minutes to prevent harm to the measurement time or freezing conditions of the next working environment.

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