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Product Characteristics And Leak Detection Methods Of Hongjin Airtightness Tester

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Product Characteristics And Leak Detection Methods Of Hongjin Airtightness Tester

In addition, the Hongjin air tightness tester employs the principle of pressure drop detection in addition to the principle of compressed air detection. This results in the tester being able to identify air leaks. In order to detect changes in gas pressure and volume, it is possible to utilise the same methods for regulating pressure, regulating intake volume, and detecting changes. This is because these methods are all related to the same thing. Due to the fact that it operates in an effective manner, the precision tester PLC is able to obtain the leakage rate, leakage value, and the entire product testing procedure in around 10 seconds. In order to accomplish this objective, a comprehensive set of procedures involving sampling, calculation, and analysis are carried out. The majority of the workforce is employed in a diverse range of industries, including but not limited to the food industry, medicines, medical devices, common chemicals, vehicles, electrical components, and consumer electronics, amongst others.

The Hongjin intelligent air tightness tester is a brand-new piece of testing equipment that is non-destructive and makes measurements with a high degree of precision. It was developed by Hongjin. The product that is being assessed is subjected to a certain pressure, which is applied using compressed air as the primary medium. This pressure is applied to the interior cavity or surface of the product. Following that, high-sensitivity sensors are utilised in order to identify any changes in pressure, which ultimately makes it possible to verify the air tightness of the product that is being tested or evaluated by means of the analysis of the data. Because compressed air is used as the medium, there is no secondary pollution to the product, and the detection speed and accuracy are higher than those of water detection (air molecules are smaller than water molecules, and the leakage speed is faster). Additionally, there is no secondary pollution to the product. Furthermore, there is no secondary contamination that is associated with the product. Due to the fact that this is the case, it is possible to utilise this technology on a large scale in production lines. The market has appreciated the device for its user-friendly interface, as well as its cost-effectiveness and practicality in terms of cost-effectiveness. In addition, the item has been acclaimed for its practicality. The market has enthusiastically shown its gratitude without any reservations. Because the functionality and performance qualities of the instrument can both be set to 1, it is able to satisfy the requirements of the great majority of clients. This is because the instrument can be adjusted to 1.

Product Characteristics Of Air Tightness Tester

Negative Pressure Air Tightness Testing Machine

1.High Precision:

The detection accuracy is quite accurate, and it is equivalent to the accuracy of sensors that measure differential pressure. In contrast to this, differential pressure sensors are known for their high level of precision. In addition, the detection range is exceptional in comparison to that of any differential pressure sensors that are currently on the market. This is something that the company is able to achieve by deploying pressure sensors that were imported from other nations, in conjunction with high-precision calculation and calculation modules that were built separately by the company.

2.Algorithm/Human-Computer Interaction Collection Of Testing Product Information:

The process of collecting usable sample data links is completed through the use of big data analysis. This is in addition to the intelligent judging and automatic benchmarking of the test data that is performed. Each and every one of these steps is carried out simultaneously. The convenience and simplicity of use of the analytical instrument can be attributed to a substantial amount of user feedback, as well as the actual working process and interface of the instrument itself. In addition, the instrument itself can be credited with improving the instrument's user interface. In addition to this, it offers a progressive collection of settings and procedures that are significantly simplified and can be employed. A humanised design for the detection, querying, and adjustment of permission levels is also included, in addition to a password protection system for operation permissions. Both of these features are included in the package. Not only does it have a humanised design, but there is another feature that it possesses.

3.High Stability/Efficiency:

The effectiveness of ventilation, the sealing, and the stability of the system have all seen considerable improvements as a result of the many components of the air path management system that were built independently of one another. Screening was performed in order to detect leakage scenarios that were either substantial or small during the process of inflating, balancing, and maintaining pressure. This was done in order to ensure that the procedure was carried out correctly.

For one to be able to achieve exceptional customisation, it is vital to possess significant talents in independent research and development. The following are some examples of these skills: We have developed a wide range of specialised air tightness comprehensive function testing equipment in order to meet the requirements of our customers. This has allowed us to provide complete satisfaction to our customers. As a result of this, we are in a position to provide a solution that is all-encompassing; yet, it does not cover every conceivable case.

Three Common Leak Detection Methods For Air Tightness Testers

Multi Station Air Tightness Testing Machine

1. The product is put through a vacuum treatment, either directly or indirectly, so that a negative pressure test can be performed on it. One of the advantages of using this strategy is that it results in less interference and greater steadiness.

2.This test includes inflating the product either directly or indirectly, and it has the advantages of being easy to run and having a fast testing speed. The positive pressure test is the second type of test.

3. The differential pressure test offers a number of advantages, including less effect from the environment and an operation that is more convenient, as compared to items that are in good condition and those that are known to be defective.

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