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One Click Image Measuring Instrument

One-button fast image measuring instrument is a one-button fast measuring instrument independently developed by our company for the market demand.

One-button fast image measuring instrument is a one-button fast measuring instrument independently developed by our company for the market demand. It brings together the technical crystallization of senior engineers in the industry for many years, and replaces the complicated operation mode of traditional measurement leading city with simple, reduces the error of human operation, and makes the product measurement more accurate and efficient. This product is used in electronics, relays, precision hardware, precision stamping, connectors, connectors, terminals, mobile phones, computer accessories, printed circuit boards (PCB), auto parts, watch accessories, instrument accessories industry, etc.

Model number HJ-60 HJ-80 HJ-100 HJ-130
Measuring range (mm) 64*48 84.9*63.7 110.8*83.1 126.6
Z-axis stroke (mm) 40 40 40 40
External dimension (mm) 450*700*1000 450×700× 1200 450×700× 1200 450*700*1400
Weight (kg) 30 38 40 45
Load-bearing (kg) 3 3 3 3
Measurement accuracy ±5μm
Maximum measured height 40mm 40mm 40mm 40mm
Magnification (×) 0.138 0.104 0.079 0.052
Light source Contour light LED cold light source (parallel light), multiple levels of brightness can be adjusted
Surface light (optional) Programmable five-ring eight-zone surface LED cold light source (white), multilevel brightness can be adjusted
Image sensor 5 megapixel industrial camera (10 megapixel optional)
software Magic dmis measurement software
Optical lens Double telecentric lens
Depth of field 35mm 62mm 106mm 247mm
Warranty period 1 year
Working environment The temperature is 20°c±5°c, and the humidity is 30 ~ 80%
Vibration < 0.002g. Lower than 15Hz
Power supply 220V/50Hz/3A

Product features:

1. This configuration adopts imported double telecentric lens, which can realize full-size measurement. The focus of measurement will not become fuzzy due to the problem of segment difference focal length during product measurement;

2, self-developed measurement software, domestic leading measurement technology, ultra-high precision, only need to place the product on the measuring table, one button can measure all dimensions, greatly shorten the measurement time, more than 5 times higher than the ordinary measuring instrument.

3, WMC series products will automatically grasp the product outline within the visual range, so that the product will not be due to different personal habits and skills and other factors lead to the difference in measurement results, eliminate human measurement error;

4, the configuration of ultra-high resolution industrial CCD, ultra-large depth of field, product measurement without distortion, even the edge parts can ensure the consistency of measurement data;

5, no need to establish coordinates, no fixture positioning, products can be placed at will to measure, can identify N products at the same time for measurement, display the current measurement status;

6, products can be imported into CAD drawings, can realize product comparison and off-line programming, improve the efficiency of measurement

7, measurement results can output WORD, EXCEL,CAD and other formats, measurement data can do SPC statistical analysis, control the production situation at any time;

8. Powerful function, providing strong guarantee for product upgrading; Rich configuration interface, can be customized for customers, can also be customized integrated into different production lines, to achieve accurate and efficient online measurement.


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