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Large Walk-in High And Low Temperature Laboratory

This series of products is used to simulate various temperature leakage environments.

This series of products is used to simulate various temperature leakage environments. Widely used in testing the reliability and stability of aviation, aerospace, information, electronic instruments, plastics, auto parts and other products in various environments, will provide you with the basis for predicting and improving the quality and reliability of products.

Model number HJ-4m³ HJ-8m³ HJ-12m³ HJ- volume
Internal dimensions (mm) 150*180*150 200 * 200 * 200 300 * 200 * 200 According to user requirements size design and production
External dimensions (mm) In kind shall prevail
Performance index Temperature range A:0℃/ B:-20℃/C: -40℃/D:-60°℃/E:-70℃
Humidity range 20~98%RH (10%~98%R.H; 5%~98%R.H for optional items)
Heating rate 1.0-4.0℃/min+610 (customizable)
Cooling rate 0.7~1.2℃/min (customizable)
Temperature fluctuation Plus or minus 0.5 ℃
Humidity fluctuation Plus or minus 2.0% RH
Temperature deviation ±3 ℃
Humidity deviation ±4.5 %RH
System refrigeration Original Europe and the United States imported fully sealed low noise high and low temperature all-purpose compressor, environmental refrigerant (R404A/R449/R23)
control Original imported LCD touch screen controller, Chinese and English switch.
material SUS #304 stainless steel plate (optional paint for outer box)
attachment Lead holes: ¢ 50mm 1/6 moving casters / 6 horizontal fixed foot cups
Power source AC220±5%V /50±0.5Hz/ single-phase three-wire; AC380±5%V/50±0.5Hz/ three-phase five-wire

large walk-in high and low temperature laboratory

large walk-in high and low temperature laboratory


1, large environmental laboratory can provide large parts, semi-finished products, finished products for temperature leakage environmental testing, which is mainly composed of control panel, switch board, insulation board, fan, heater, feeder, refrigerator, the main specifications are divided into six standard indoor sizes and 28 different conditions test specifications.

2, the use of library board unit combination, the content product can be arbitrarily enlarged, easy to disassemble and assemble, can be designed according to the size of customer needs and cooperate with the migration of customer factory expansion.

3, the material of the library plate is made of stainless steel and beautifying steel paint material, the structure is strong, waterproof and beautiful.

4, the use of multi-wing centrifugal air supply mode of horizontal diffusion vertical heat exchange circulation system, to avoid any dead Angle, so that the indoor temperature distribution is uniform.

5, programmable controller adopts OYO touch screen controller, simple operation, easy program editing, suitable for temperature variation test conditions, can be connected with the computer through the RS-232 interface, users can design programs on the computer screen, collect test data and record call program execution and other functions.

6. When abnormal conditions occur, the controller disaster screen automatically displays the fault status in real time, cuts off the power switch, and provides troubleshooting methods.

7, the refrigeration system adopts imported compressors from Europe and the United States, and uses environmental cooling coal. The refrigeration system adopts binary low-temperature loop system design, and uses different compressors to work with different temperature zones to increase the service life of the equipment.


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