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ICE And Rain Test Chamber

This laboratory can be used to determine the adaptability of electronic products, components, materials, etc. to use and storage under conditions of high humidity, low humidity, ice accumulation, dripping, spray, constant moisture heat, temperature cycle changes, moisture surface condensation and other conditions.


This laboratory can be used to determine the adaptability of electronic products, components, materials, etc. to use and storage under conditions of high humidity, low humidity, ice accumulation, dripping, spray, constant moisture heat, temperature cycle changes, moisture surface condensation and other conditions. With the most reasonable structure and stable and reliable control mode, it has beautiful appearance, easy operation, safety, high humidity control precision, and is an ideal equipment for low humidity test, constant temperature and humidity test, and alternating humidity and heat test.

Sample restriction The test equipment is prohibited to test the samples of flammable, explosive and volatile substances; Testing for storage of corrosive substance samples, testing for storage of living organisms, testing and storage of samples of strong electromagnetic emission sources
Nominal content product 8m³
Effective size of inner box 2000×2000×2000(mm) (D×H×W) D×H×W (mm)
Effective size of outer box About 3100×2600×2200(mm) (depth × height × width) D×H×W (mm) (including motor height)
weight Approx. 1500kg
Installed power About 18.5KW
Electric current About 25A
Power supply conditions and power supply 3C ¢380VAC±10%,50Hz three-phase four-wire N + protection ground
Allowable voltage fluctuation range: 10%
Allowable frequency fluctuation range: (50±0.5) HZ
The ground resistance of the PGND cable is less than 4Ω
The user is required to configure the air or power switch of the corresponding capacity for the device at the installation site, and the switch must independently control the use of the device
Functional requirement 1. (Air) indoor space cooling, heating, humidification, dehumidification;
2, according to the temperature and humidity setting, the indoor space reaches the set temperature and humidity
Test environment condition The ambient temperature is +25℃, relative humidity ≤85%, the value measured under the condition of no sample in the test box.
Temperature and humidity range Temperature range: -60~+100℃
Humidity range: 20~60%RH (as shown)
Control accuracy Temperature resolution :0.01℃ Humidity resolution: 0.1%RH
Temperature deviation: ±1.5° C Humidity deviation: ±2%RH
Temperature uniformity:≤2℃ humidity uniformity:≤ 3%RH
Temperature fluctuation :± 0.5 ° C Humidity fluctuation :± 2%RH
Rising and cooling rate (no load) +20°℃→+100°℃ ≤ 65 min
+20°℃→-60°℃ ≤ 65 min
Precipitation rate Ambient temperature cooling time: RT→-50℃≧1℃/min in the whole average no-load state
Temperature cooling rate: RT→ 1℃ Average ≧0.7℃/min
About 25mm/h, raindrop size is adjustable
Precipitation period 1min~99h can be set arbitrarily
Precipitation mechanism The rain device is designed on the top of the box, in order to prevent the water pipe from freezing, the water pipe is hidden in the thermal insulation layer of the constant temperature room, in the corresponding number of drip holes, around the hole and the water pipe around the seamless welding to prevent water flow into the thermal insulation layer, on the side of the high temperature pump pumping water through the water pipe to drop rain into the box. When the precipitation stops, the water in the water pipe automatically returns, and the water can not be stored in the water pipe, which can ensure that the low temperature of -55 degrees of the water pipe nozzle does not freeze
Ice fog The design principle of the ice fog is the same as that of the precipitation structure, but the ice fog has more than one nozzle, and the water is turned into a mist through the nozzle with a high pressure pump. (If it falls into the box in a fog at -55 degrees, it will affect the evaporative cooling, which will cause ice on the evaporator, thereby affecting the cooling, and at the same time, when doing precipitation and spraying, the uniformity of the temperature will be affected due to the difference between the water temperature and the temperature in the box

Product features:

1, the use of multi-channel, environmental protection and energy saving (low noise) mechanical compression refrigeration system.

All materials, parts, components and raw materials of the equipment, whether domestic or imported, are environmentally friendly products; According to the characteristics of mechanical compression refrigeration, the use of two-stage multi-channel main bypass system, multi-channel main road, bypass can be adapted to select and enable according to different working conditions, the whole control by the intelligent control system according to the working conditions to achieve automatic realization, changing the traditional way of controlling the cooling capacity by temperature controller heater to offset the cooling capacity. Thus achieving the effect of energy saving, not only the energy consumption only accounts for 80% of similar products. It also reduces the operating load of the refrigeration compressor, reduces the vibration and noise of the equipment, and improves the control accuracy. In order to better achieve the effect of energy saving, frequency conversion technology is adopted at the same time, so that the refrigeration output of the refrigeration compressor can adapt to the requirements of different temperature change rates in the laboratory, and the use of loss power is controlled to achieve energy saving effect. Sound absorption and noise reduction are used throughout the structure and in different places during the mechanical work process to reduce the noise of the entire equipment.

2, self-developed multi-channel, multi-level throttling system (refrigeration system).

The refrigeration system of the equipment is designed according to different working conditions of the system with different capillary main circuit, bypass, automatic control and automatic adjustment of the capillary throttling system according to the working conditions through the intelligent control system, to ensure that the flow size is adjustable, to achieve the purpose of temperature change, and the temperature field changes evenly, and the temperature fluctuation is minimal.

3, the application of broadband pressure balance temperature control system, through the rapid convergence of PID adaptive algorithm to achieve rapid temperature control.

The forced air duct system of temperature harmonization chamber, static pressure chamber and centrifugal air blade ensures full exchange of cold and heat and evenly supply air to each space of the studio (experiment area) through the top orifice plate to achieve temperature uniformity; In order to achieve rapid temperature convergence, our company has developed a special PID adaptive algorithm, which is suitable for our company. The control mode is constantly modified according to the temperature during the control process, so as to achieve the control purpose of fast retracting, small temperature overshoot and high stability.

4. Realize remote visual control.

The equipment is equipped with man-machine management interface and touch mode automatic control system to realize automatic control. At the same time through the RS485 communication interface to achieve the connection with the remote computer, network management, remote monitoring. The whole system through the graphical interface, control management is simple and fast, fault automatic prompt, graphical prompt fault energy saving and put forward solutions to guide users to quickly troubleshoot.


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