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Guide for Thermal Shock Test Chambers

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Guide for Thermal Shock Test Chambers

Have you ever been curious about what a thermal shock test chamber is? Or perhaps a consumer has ever complained that your goods failed too soon or only lasted a short time.

What I'm trying to explain is that this phenomenon does not imply that the equipment produced by your business is of a lower caliber or standard.

Because of the negative effects that the environment in which they are used has on all items, this is the case. The service life and storage capacity of a lithium-ion battery will be impacted, for instance, if it is exposed to extremely low temperatures.

As a result, before releasing your product onto the market, you should make sure that all of its components are robust and strong enough to endure adverse external influences.

The thermal shock test chamber will unquestionably be really helpful in this circumstance.

In order to help you weigh your options before deciding whether to purchase a thermal shock test chamber or not, the following guide will walk you through the key points.

Features of the thermal shock test chamber?

Thermal shock test between two air masses.

System for refrigerating with two compressor units.

Polyurethane foam is used as insulation.

In less than 5 seconds, you may control the temperature and the recuperation duration.

Between the low of -70°C and the high of 200°C.

Direct vertical transfer between the hot and cold zones using a carrier basket made of stainless steel.

Efficiency in energy Design using Japanese or German technologies to cut 20% of the electricity used.

little footprint, saves room.

customized racks or shelves for displaying various products.

Standard window that has been modified to allow for product viewing.

What is the Thermal Shock Test Standard?

IEC68-2-1 Part 2 of the environmental testing: Test procedures: Cold.

IEC68-2-2 electric and electronic goods environmental testing Test procedures - Dry heat.

MIL-STD-810D Engineering standards and environmental test procedures.

How Should I Pick a Thermal Shock Chamber?

They have their own needs at the moment of acquisition.

When choosing a thermal shock test chamber, consider the following five factors:

Resulting Temperature

The highest temperature range that can be reached in the test region is referred to as the impact temperature. The preheating and pre-cooling chambers' excessive temperatures are not the cause, it should be noted;

Trial Load

The number of test items that can be inserted directly depends on the test load. In general, the greater the weight, the better;

Stop Time

The amount of time it takes a test item to transition from one temperature point to another is known as the reversion time. 5min is the standard specification we use. Better results come from shorter times;

Defrost Period

The ideal defrost interval is one that is longer. A manufacturer who can perform 1000 cycles of defrosting all at once is highly desirable. The device's airtightness decreases with shorter defrost intervals;

Sensor Positioning

Placement of the sensor inside the test area is required. The sensor is positioned inside the air duct by some manufacturers. Despite being only 10 cm from the test area, the energy differential is rather significant. The test article's surface temperature change is not accurately reflected by it.

Last but not least, we are a firm with 13 years of manufacturing and research and development experience. We specialize in battery and environmental testing equipment.

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