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Furniture testing focus on four aspects

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Furniture testing focus on four aspects

Furniture testing is crucial and indispensable to the furniture industry in maintaining the quality of its goods. Its impact on furniture businesses is mostly seen in the ways that it improves the efficiency of corporate quality management, lowers business expenses, and makes businesses more competitive on the market. To assure the objectivity, impartiality, and authority of inspection and testing, as well as to reinforce the significance of furniture testing in furniture enterprises, the furniture testing system is optimized in accordance with its influence on businesses and the needs of businesses and consumers.

Currently, furniture testing institutes primarily concentrate on four elements when evaluating furniture products: appearance, mechanical performance, physical and chemical performance, and environmental performance.

1.Appearance Inspection:

Visual inspection and ruler measuring are used for both off-site and on-site inspection. Functional size, finishing, coating, and other factors are the important ones. The functional size must be within the permitted tolerance range and satisfy the usage requirements. If the functional size falls short of the specifications, the product is subpar, which lowers performance.

2.Testing Of Furniture's Mechanical Properties:

This test replicates the strength or bearing capacity of furniture under conditions of one-time or repeated load in routine and habitual use. The strength and durability are divided into five test levels according to the normal use frequency of the product under the predetermined use conditions, the possible misuse strength, according to the size of the loading force and the number of loading times; in other words, the test is based on the usage frequency. level, the product is put through impact, durability, and static load tests.

3.Testing Of The Physical And Chemical Characteristics Of Furniture:

the paint film's resistance to dry heat and wet heat, as well as wear resistance, adhesion, gloss value, paint film thickness, and paint film resistance to differences in cold and heat temperature, are the primary indicators that are tested. The paint film's adhesion, wear resistance, and resistance to temperature differences between cold and heat are among those factors, and they all play a significant role in determining how long the paint film will last on the surface of wooden furniture.

4.Environmental Protection Performance Testing:

primarily to assess the levels of soluble heavy metals and free formaldehyde in hardwood furniture. The perforated extraction method, dryer method, and climate chamber method (environmental test chamber method) are the three methods listed in the national standard for determining the presence or release of formaldehyde. To detect soluble heavy metal elements, scrape an appropriate amount of coating from the surface of furniture products. Atomic absorption spectrometry was used to assess the amount of soluble metals present in paints and varnishes in accordance with national requirements.

Currently, in addition to the appearance inspection, the other three aspects can be used to test the products that have been submitted for inspection through the selection of scientific testing methods and advanced equipment, and obtain accurate quality inspection results, which are fed back to the research and development of enterprises, Production and Quality Department. By doing this, the business can identify subpar items based on test results, examine quality issues, and provide solutions. This cycle of review, criticism, and improvement fosters the company's goal of raising the standard of its output.

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