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Features of Temperature and Humidity Aging Testing Room

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Features of Temperature and Humidity Aging Testing Room

Dongguan Hongjin Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.'s trademark products is the constant temperature humidity test chamber, which also includes a constant temperature humidity testing chamber. The following are some of its characteristics and benefits:

1.Product Usable & Stable:

The majority of the products, the majority of which are imported or joint venture products, have been well recognized after being used in the test market for many years and have proven to be stable and resistant to aging.

2.Mature & Advanced Technology:

Advanced, mature technology and equipment are used to produce goods with a very low failure rate, high stability, and high level of quality, giving clients the peace of mind to utilize them.

3.Use Safe & Reliable:

Constant temperature and humidity environment test chamber is equipped with over-temperature alarm and no fuse for protection switch, high temperature cables, explosion-proof lamp, matching pumping exhaust system, smoke alarms, etc., to sufficiently protect the security of electronic products and equipment in the surrounding environment.

4.Gorgeous Appearance:

The overall design is acceptable, the deal's features are correctly wrapped in stainless steel on the outside, and the inside uses gorgeous, generous rounded edges made of high-quality aluminum.

5. Environmental Protection And Energy Conservation:

Fully taken into account in the design of the global environmental and energy situation, more reasonable in the selection of Spare Parts, and fully fulfill the environmental and energy requirements of modern enterprise.


Choosing a high-quality fan assembly, a suitable air circulation system, running in good condition, the sound level won't be excessive, and providing a better working and production environment for the operator.

7.Make Expansion And Relocation Easier:

Engineering tools and equipment have modular structures that make them more rational, user-friendly, and less likely to produce duplicate construction waste.

8. Free Software Upgrades:

Software updates are now quicker, more convenient, and cost nothing.

9.Standard Uniform:

The complete account of the relevant standards-related fields, such as standards bodies, electronic, and electrical standards, is provided in the system architecture and design principles. "Low-voltage power distribution design specifications" (GB50054-95) and "Supply and distribution design specifications" (GB5002S2-95) are pertinent standards.

"Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering Construction Quality Acceptance" GB50243-2002 "Grounding Electrical Equipment Installation Engineering Construction and Acceptance" GB50169-92

10.Simple Operation:

Control cabinet design features, including the ability to fully automate the aging process, control over aging duration and temperature, and the ability to operate a variety of switches in a controlled electrical cabinet. The cabinet panel is attractive and has a simple, straightforward operation.

11.Strong Management:

With an element of complexity and rising demands for items for aging rooms, management must take on more and more difficult tasks. As a result, when designing, we must take future management into account. For example, we must take into account the ability to remove a single load, load capacity adjustability, scalability of the power system, control system integration, and management of the aging room.If you want to know more, you can contact us.

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