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Features And Common Faults Of Hongjin Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine Products And Their Solutions

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Features And Common Faults Of Hongjin Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine Products And Their Solutions

The hydraulic universal testing machine's capabilities include the ability to perform a variety of tests on metal and non-metal composite materials, including tensile, compressive, bending, shearing, peeling, and other tests. According to the requirements of GB/T228-2010, which is titled "Metal tensile testing methods at room temperature for materials," the experimental operation and data processing are in accordance with the standards. The entire testing procedure is carried out by the computer in an automated fashion. The results from the tests can be presented in real time, and the computer can also generate a variety of test curves and reports automatically. Moreover, it is possible to print and store it. The product finds widespread application in a variety of industries, including but not limited to metallurgy, construction, light industry, aviation, aerospace, materials, colleges and universities, and scientific research schools, among others. Automatic control, automatic measurement, data gathering, screen presentation, and the processing of test results are all integrated into the KN microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing equipment. During the testing phase, it is equipped with a precision oil pump and a PC servo controller that are located on the platform of the main engine under the oil cylinder. This allows it to achieve multi-channel closed-loop control and complete features such as automatic control and measurement. As a result of its high level of professionalism, high level of dependability, and ease of upgrading, it is capable of being continuously enhanced and improved with the development of experimental control technology and changes in experimental standards.

The Hongjin Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine utilizes a cylinder-type main engine structure for its primary power source. The majority of the time, it is utilized for conducting tensile, compression, and bending tests on metal materials, non-metallic materials, product components, components, structural zeros, and standard parts. It is also possible to use this series of testing machines to perform bending, compressive, and tensile tests on materials in this environment. Examples of such tests are the compression test, the high-temperature tensile test, and the low-temperature tensile test.

Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine

Common Faults And Solutions Of Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines:

1. If there are impurities in the lubricating oil that is introduced to the machinery, it will produce wear on the surface of the oil cylinder and the oil plug, which will lead to greater clearance and oil leakage. It is essential to make use of lubricating oil that has a higher viscosity in this particular scenario. Should the pressure continue to fall short of the norm as a result of oil leakage, it will be necessary to replace the oil cylinder with a new one.

2. The high pressure of the equipment is not allowed to increase in the event that there is an issue with the position of the safety adjustment within the equipment. When the oil pump and delivery valve of the equipment are functioning normally, if the pointer is unable to increase steadily at low tonnage but remains within a small range at high tonnage, you have the option of loosening the nut of the safety valve, tightening the screw to a specific degree, and then tightening the nut to adjust the position of the pointer. In point of fact, the purpose of the insurance method in pressure testing machines is to guarantee that the apparatus will not sustain any harm in the event of an accident or when the pressure exceeds the limit that has been defined.

3. After installation, if the register pointer experiences vibration or stagnation when uniformly loaded, and if it is caused by the first oil injection into the force measuring cylinder and the air inside the cylinder is not completely discharged, it is necessary to promptly discharge the air; If the oil cylinder is too dirty, this situation can also occur. Given the current circumstances, it is essential to thoroughly clean the oil cylinder.

4. The pointer may also have intermittent or trembling vibrations if it is left unused for an extended period of time after its initial use, or if it is changed with new oil. In order to resolve this issue, it is required to first loosen the exhaust valve on the oil pump, then allow the oil pump to run for a length of time, which will allow gas to shoot out of the screw hole that has been loosened, and last, tighten the exhaust valve.

Hydraulic Fatigue Testing Machine

In the course of using a pressure testing equipment, it is not uncommon to experience malfunctions or other minor concerns. When such malfunctions or minor issues occur, it is imperative that they be addressed seriously and resolved in a timely manner before they can be considered resolved. For the purpose of ensuring the quality of the equipment and ensuring that it operates in a smooth and efficient manner, professional technical personnel should be available in the event that these issues cannot be resolved.

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