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Determine whether the high temperature and low humidity test chamber is safe

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Determine whether the high temperature and low humidity test chamber is safe

Simulated The main purpose of an environmental test chamber is to mimic various natural circumstances, including high and low temperatures, humidity, infrared radiation, low pressure, dust, and mold. Additionally, the analog accuracy requirements for the environmental test chamber are strict.

As the sector grows, more and more clients are required to perform the aforementioned environmental simulation and propose explosion-proof specifications for the equipment. adjusting to a greater variety of test samples in the process.

The High Low Temperature Humidity Test Chamber's Explosion-Proof Structure

1. Box Reinforcement

Steel trough 80MM thick is used to reinforce the box's exterior. When the explosion takes place, the test box's box will experience a significant effect. If the test box for the cabinet is not thick enough, it could possibly become damaged, deformed, or even catch fire, and sharp pieces could accidentally injure people. The cabinet's strengthening is crucial as a result.

2.Security Door

It should have an explosion-proof chain and a limit switch in addition to the test box's observation window's door. First off, the explosion-proof chain can stop the test box door from flying out. Additionally, it serves as a safeguard and buffer. Second, the test box is not in use when the door is opened thanks to the limit switch for door opening detection. When both the protection door and the limit switch are shut, the test chamber must be used.

3.Pressure Relief Door

It's crucial to have pressure relief doors. When the internal pressure in the tank suddenly rises, the pressure relief door will open, letting the pressure out of the tank. For this reason, in order to prevent injury, the pressure relief door must be opened to the top or rear of the tank. It is not permitted to open to the lateral or bottom of the tank.

4.Lead Hole

A threaded protective cap should be added to the lead hole in addition to the thermal insulation rubber stopper. The sheath tube should be pre-embedded for threading, and a small hole should be drilled in the screw cap. The cap stops the plug from hurting when the pressure inside the box suddenly increases.

5.Observation Window

The observation window's design size shouldn't be excessively large. In terms of glass composition, it's essential to repurpose explosion-proof glass and cover the interior with a safety net to guard against glass fragments getting hurt in the case of an explosion.

Humidity, temperature explosion-proof electrical design test box

1. Detection of Temperature Anomalies

A temperature sensor is included, and it may be placed anywhere in the box. The sensor can be used to measure the sample's surface temperature. The red alarm light of the device and the overheated light in the box both turn on simultaneously when the surface temperature of the sample is abnormal and greater than the predetermined temperature. Additionally, the test power terminal turns off the sample power and the device stops operating.

2.Automatic Jet Fire Protection

The high and low temperature damp heat test chamber will experience a significant increase in temperature in the event of a fire or explosion. A specialized temperature sensor is capable of detecting this anomalous temperature shift. Additionally, the apparatus will provide the test chamber control system a signal about the anomalous temperature. To ensure safety, the electronic valve will be opened by the system to inject CO2.

3. An emergency stop button

In the event that the box experiences an anomaly, the operator must press the emergency stop switch right away. Make sure the apparatus closes the cabinet. The test chamber's secondary power source is turned off using an AC contactor. The security system, on the other hand, is unaffected and operates regularly.

4. A warning light in tricolor

Installing the tri-color warning light in a prominent location is recommended.

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