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Constant temperature humidity chamber

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Constant temperature humidity chamber

Six systems make up the constant temperature humidity chamber: sensors, controls, humidity, refrigeration, heating, and air circulation. These systems' guiding principles are:

The key component of a constant temperature humidity chamber is the control system, which establishes critical parameters like the heating rate and precision of the chamber. There are typically no issues when using the control system because it essentially falls under the area of software.

A humidification system and a dehumidification system are the two components of the humidity system. While there are two dehumidification techniques—mechanical refrigeration dehumidification and drying dehumidification—the humidification method for a constant temperature humidity chamber typically uses the steam humidification technique.

The key component of the constant temperature humidity chamber is the refrigeration system. The high temperature section and the low temperature part, respectively, make up the refrigeration system of the constant temperature humidity chamber made by Hongjin. Each component is essentially its own refrigeration system. As a result, Linpin Company will only suffer negative effects from this feature of the refrigeration system.

For a refrigeration system, the heating system is quite straightforward. The majority of its components are high-power resistance wires. The test chamber's heating system power is comparatively high due to the test chamber's relatively high needed heating rate.

A centrifugal fan and a motor are typically used in air circulation systems to power them. It delivers air circulation inside a test chamber with a constant temperature and humidity.

Temperature and humidity sensors make up the majority of the sensors in the constant temperature humidity chamber.

Equipment Features Of A Humidity Chamber At A Constant Temperature:

The chamber, which is lovely, exquisite, and novel in shape, is processed and shaped by a CNC machine tool for the constant-temperature and constant-humidity testing machine. Additionally, a non-reaction handle that is simple to use has been adopted. Between the outside of the chamber and the tank, there is filled ultra-fine insulation cotton, which effectively reduces the rate of temperature fluctuation in the test chamber and works in conjunction with the tight sealing of anti-aging silicone rubber sealing strip to prevent fog leakage.

The constant temperature and humidity chamber's working area is constructed of high-tech stainless steel with imported mirror panels, and the chamber's outside tank is created using spray molding of A3 steel plate. An evaporative condenser, which serves as both a high-temperature part's condenser and a low-temperature part's condenser, connects the two parts of the system. The constant temperature and humidity test chamber, which differs from the high and low temperature test room, heavily relies on humidification. A shallow surface evaporation humidifier of the external isolation type made entirely of stainless steel is used in the test room for constant temperature and humidity.

Several Instances Of Humidity Chambers With Consistent Temperature Issues:

1.In case of device power outage, fix: Examine the power cord. It's possible that the power cord is either disconnected or improperly plugged in.

2. Check the power cord and plug in the power plug to fix an equipment fuse that is open. Replacing the fuse will solve the issue.

3. The temperature controller may be broken or the temperature setting may be too low. This will prevent the temperature in the equipment chamber from rising.

4. Adjust the set temperature, swap out the temperature controller, and replace the electric heater, if the equipment's electric heater is damaged.

5. The equipment's refrigeration effect is insufficient or it does not cool, maybe as a result of a refrigerant leak.

6. The device's axial flow fan has a fault that cannot be fixed by you; nevertheless, you can get in touch with the dealer or manufacturer.

7. The compressor does not operate once the device is turned on, which could be caused by an unstable power supply voltage or compressor damage. You can examine the voltage level.

Measurement Safety Precautions In A Chamber With Constant Temperature And Humidity:

The front and back times should be as brief as possible when reading the indicated value of a constant temperature and humidity chamber hygrometer. It is also important to read three points simultaneously and pay attention to the reader's vision as a whole. Read the temperature of the wet bulb first using the same thermometer.

If there is a significant discrepancy between the data obtained by the humidity meter and the fluctuation of the temperature and humidity curve automatically recorded by the temperature and humidity meter configured inside the device, the recording is deemed erroneous.The constant temperature and humidity test chamber must adhere to the standards, and the recorded temperature and relative humidity must always stay within the permitted ranges.

The hands and face of the human body, which have temperatures different from the hygrometer's indicated value, should be kept as far away from the delicate mercury spheres as is practical when reading the hygrometer's indicated value.

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