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Comprehensive Waterproof Test Device

This product is suitable for testing electrical products, enclosures and seals in the rain environment to ensure the good performance of equipment and components.

Product Introduction:

This product is suitable for testing electrical products, enclosures and seals in the rain environment to ensure the good performance of equipment and components.

The use of scientific design, so that the equipment can realistically simulate the spray, splash, spray and other environment, the physical of the product

And other related performance test.

Widely used in electronic and electrical products, lamps, electrical cabinets, electrical components, cars, buses, buses, motorcycles and so on

Parts and other products in the simulation of rain weather conditions, the physical and other related performance of the product test, after the test,

Through the verification to determine the performance of the product is to meet the requirements, so that the product design, improvement, verification and factory inspection use.

Total size of the laboratory: 6.5×3.6×4.2m (W * D * H) (room and drain tank users)
TP12 participate in teaching
Drip area size 1000*1000*60mm (W*D*H)
Maximum sample size 800*800*500mm
Drop tank and sample distance 200 mm(inside)
Drip hole diameter Φ0.4 mm
Spray aperture spacing 20mm
rainfall 1+ 0.5mm/Min,3+0.5mm/Min
turntable The IPX1 turntable is parallel and the IPX2 turntable can be tilted 15°
Air source The customer shall provide more than 5kg air source
Frame material Coated aluminum alloy profiles
IP34 parameter
Pendulum radius 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600 (mm) available
Nozzle distance sample 200mm (inside)
Spray aperture spacing 50mm
Spray pipe swing Angle range 120°-320° (configurable)
Nozzle Angle 120° (IP3),180" (IP4)
Pendulum velocity 30°s swing speed: IP3,15 times /min; IP4 5 times /min
Blowhole diameter Φ 0.4 mm
Flow rate per blowhole 0.07L /min +5%
Water spray pressure 80-150 (Kpa)
Spray system IP34: Determines the number of nozzles according to the number of pendulum tubes
Water discharge IP34 determines the water flow according to the number of swinging nozzle

X78 parameter
Inside diameter of tank 1000mm
Tank height 1500mm
Total machine size Approx. 1800×1400×2200mm (W*D*H)
Simulated depth 0~30m
Pressure holding range Normal pressure ~300KPa
Basket bearing 30 kg
Stainless steel tank thickness 6mm
Time control 0 to 99 minutes and 99 seconds
Water level indication Silicone hose + graduated steel ruler shows water level
Lifting device Manual lifting stainless steel hanging basket
Basket size 800*800mm
Control system Digital pressure controller
Container material 304 stainless steel tank
IP56 parameter
Number of spray heads 2: IPX5 nozzle 1,IPX6 nozzle 1
Receiver surface Product profile
Nozzle distance sample 2500*3000mm (between), the tester controls the distance
Inside diameter of the nozzle IPX5(grade) Φ6.3mm,IPX6(grade) Φ12.5mm
Spray flow IPX5(grade)12.5±0.625 (L/min),IPX6(grade)100±5(L/min)
Pipe diameter Four points, one inch high pressure soft pressure pipe each
Water spray pressure 30~200kpa (adjusted by flow rate)
Spray duration 3, 10, 30, 9999min (adjustable)
Run time control 1~9999min (adjustable)
Water jet pressure gauge Water spray pressure can be displayed
Control system Independently developed touch screen control system
Spray system It is composed of water pump, water pressure gauge and fixed nozzle support
Nozzle material SUS304 stainless steel tube
Water tank material SUS304 Stainless steel (Professional wire drawing)
Frame material Coated aluminum alloy profiles
Electric box material SUS304 Stainless steel (Professional wire drawing)
Shared system Turntable speed: 1 ~7r/min adjustable
Turntable load: 100kg
Turntable height adjustable: 300-600mm
Rotary diameter: 600mm
Common water tank Water tank size: 800×800×1000mm (W*D*H)
Water level: transparent hose, equipped with stainless steel ruler to observe the water level, ruler height 1.0m, ruler accuracy: 1mm.
Tank control: stainless steel float, overflow hole matching
The box is reinforced with 304 stainless steel square pipe
A water tank is arranged at the bottom through the stainless steel pump inside the right control box and pressurized, and then sent to the nozzle of the side spray pipe device, the nozzle is horizontally sprayed to the sample on the turntable, and then scattered to the inside of the water tank, so as to form a water circulation system. Pump outlet design flowmeter, pressure gauge, solenoid valve and other control components. The inner box is equipped with a waterproof turntable and the speed is controlled on the panel

Meet the standard:

GB 4208-2017(IEC 60529), GB 2423.38-2005 (IEC60068-2-18), GB/T30038-2013 (ISO 20653:2006), GB/T 4942.1-2006(IEC 60034-5), GB 7000.1(IEC60598-1), etc.

The complete equipment consists of the following components:

Composed of vertical rain testing machine (IPX1, IPX2), swing tube rain testing machine (IPX3, IPX4), handheld shower head (IPX3, IPX4), Handheld nozzle test device (IPX5, IPX6), tilting rotary stage, IPX7 electric immersion test device, UL spray test device, UL sprinkler test device, intelligent water supply system, control system.


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