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Characteristics And Precautions For Use Of Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber Products

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Characteristics And Precautions For Use Of Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber Products

The constant temperature and humidity test box equipment is suitable for quality testing of products such as electrical and electronic, rechargeable batteries, switching power supplies, household appliances, optical communication, LED semiconductor materials, LED lighting fixtures, LED fluorescent lamps, LED display screens, aerospace, vehicle motorcycles, chemical plant building coatings, paint printing ink, hardware electroplating technology, decorative building materials, scientific instruments, and other products.

The beginning of Dongguan Hongjin Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.'s operations may be traced back to the month of June in 2007. It is a high-tech manufacturing company that specializes in the design and automatic control of large-scale non-standard testing equipment. Some examples of the types of testing it performs include simulated environmental testing, testing of material mechanics, optical dimension measurement, vibration impact stress testing, testing of new energy physics, testing of product sealing, and so on and so forth! We are committed to providing our customers with the best level of service that is humanly possible, and we accomplish this goal by adhering to the corporate idea of "quality first, honesty first, committed to innovation, and sincere service," in addition to the quality principle of "striving for excellence."

Product Characteristics Of Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber  

Large Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber

1. This item has a high appearance texture, a body that is shaped like an arc, a surface atomization stripe treatment, and a flat non-reaction grip. All of these characteristics contribute to the product's overall design. The incorporation of all of these components within the device not only makes it simple to operate, but it also makes it reliable and eliminates any potential hazards.

2. For the purposes of conducting experimental observation, there is a square window made of laminated glass that has been developed in the form of an observation window that can be used. In order to prevent water condensation and droplets from accumulating on the window, an anti-sweat electric heating device has been fitted there. This has been done in order to maintain the visibility through the window. In addition to this, a high-brightness PI fluorescent lamp is utilized in order to ensure that there is always an adequate amount of lighting within the interior.

3. Because it contains holes for testing and because it has these holes, it is feasible to attach it to external testing power or signal lines. Additionally, it is possible to link it to movable trays. It is possible for the door to effectively insulate against the temperature of the inside of the building due to the fact that it has two layers of sealing.

4. When the system is outfitted with an external water supply system, it is simple to replenish the water supply to the humidifier drum and it will automatically recycle the water that has been used.

5.The French "Taikang" brand, which is utilized in the compressor circulation system, makes it possible to successfully remove the lubricating oil from the gap between the condenser tube and the capillary tube. R404L, which stands for the American Lianxing Environmental Refrigerant, is the type of refrigerant that is used by this device.

6. The controller incorporates a genuine touch screen that was imported from another country. The screen has a size of 7 inches and is able to display measured values in addition to those that were specified. The parameters for measuring both temperature and humidity can be programmed into it, and test data can be supplied directly via USB. There is a cap of three months placed on the amount of time that can be recorded.

7.It is simple to move and position thanks to the integrated movable pulley, and it also features a secure positioning screw for the purpose of fixation.

Precautions For Using A Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber  

Small Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber

1. It is imperative that the box not be filled with any combustible or volatile items.

2.In the case that you detect anything that is out of the ordinary while the machine is running, such as unexpected aromas or smoke, please be sure to cut off the power supply as soon as possible. Users should not attempt repairs on their own but rather have qualified personnel check and make repairs instead. Users should not attempt repairs on their own. It is not recommended that users try repairs on their own.

3. It is vital to wipe the surface of the equipment as well as the interior of the box wall on a regular basis in order to keep things clean and to guarantee that the glass maintains its ability to be as transparent as it possibly can. When wiping the outside, however, you should not use any solutions that contain acid, alkali, or anything else that could degrade the surface in any way.

4.When the apparatus is turned off and not being used, a treatment that avoids moisture accumulation should be carried out. This treatment should be carried out even if the apparatus is not being utilized. The specific technique comprises the following steps: emptying the water from the bottom of the water tray that is located inside the box, setting the temperature to 42 degrees Celsius, allowing the box to run for five hours, and opening the door of the box every two hours to allow excess moisture to escape. After the procedure has been finished, the power plug should be unplugged and stored in a safe location.

5.It is important to disconnect the power line from any piece of machinery that is going to be stored away for an extended period of time. This will ensure that no one is injured and that the machinery does not sustain any harm. In addition, it is necessary to utilize it on a regular basis (often once every three months) for two to three days, depending on the conditions of its operation, in order to prevent damage to important equipment and remove moisture from the electrical parts. This is done in order to prevent the electrical components from becoming rusted.

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