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Characteristics And Maintenance of Ozone Aging Test Chamber Products

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Characteristics And Maintenance of Ozone Aging Test Chamber Products

The ozone ageing test chamber is utilised for the purpose of simulating and enhancing the conditions of ozone in the atmosphere, conducting research on the action law of ozone on rubber, rapidly identifying and evaluating the anti-ozone ageing performance of rubber, and determining the protective effect of anti-ozone compounds. All of these objectives are accomplished through the utilisation of the chamber. There is a successful completion of each and every one of these objectives. When the conditions are similar to those of ozone, this test can be utilised to detect the ageing of non-metallic materials as well as organic materials (paint, rubber, plastic, paint, pigment, and so on).

Characteristics Of Ozone Aging Test Chamber:

Ozone Aging Chamber

1. Although the amount of ozone that is present in the atmosphere is very low, it is the principal component that is responsible for the cracking of rubber. Additionally, this apparatus analyses the action law of ozone on rubber, and it quickly discovers and evaluates the technique of rubber's anti-ozone ageing performance as well as the protective effect of anti-ozone chemicals. In addition, it simulates and enhances the ozone circumstances that are present in the environment. Taking into consideration the criteria: It is the GB/T7762-2003. Procedures for conducting general tests on cable insulation and sheath materials are measured by the GB/T2951.21-2008 standard for the static tensile test for ozone cracking of thermoplastic rubber or vulcanised rubber. This standard was developed in accordance with GB/T 11206-2009. In addition to the other standards, the surface cracking method for rubber ageing tests is also included in this document.

2.When it comes to principles and procedures, test techniques can be categorised as either "static" or "dynamic" based on the standards and methodologies that are being utilised for the research. When the specimen is placed into the test box after it has been stretched, it is said to be static. On the other hand, when the specimen is placed on the fixture of the test box and tests are carried out while the specimen is being stretched, the specimen is said to be dynamic. Within the specimen itself, the stretched float accounts for somewhere between five and forty-five percent of the total.

Maintenance And Upkeep Of Ozone Aging Test Chamber:

Rubber Ozone Aging Test Chamber

1. Always make sure that you exhibit oneself in a neat manner as much as possible.

2. It is absolutely necessary that you do not place anything on top of this machine in order to guarantee that the motor and control components are able to reduce the amount of heat that is generated when the machine is in operation.

3. The equipment would need to be inspected, cleaned, and refuelled on a regular basis if the components of the equipment, such as the motor and the blower device, generate any abnormal noise after being used for an extended period of time. Examples of such components include the blower device and the motor.

4. If the temperature of the electrical components is extremely high, immediately investigate the reason of the excessively high temperature of the components for the electrical components.

5. In order to prevent corrosion, the test chamber must to be cleaned after each use and kept in a clean condition during its overall lifetime.

6.In order to prevent an excessive quantity of dust from interfering with the normal operation of the equipment, it is advised that the control cabinet be cleaned once a month. Only then will the equipment be able to function normally.

7.After the experiment is over, the main power should be turned off, the water stains in the studio should be wiped clean, and the test box should be kept in a dry environment as much as possible. Every single one of these suggestions ought to be implemented.

8. In the event that the electrical components on the control panel need to be replaced as a consequence of malfunctions, it is vital that you do not disassemble them in a random manner in order to ensure that the test box will last for their intended amount of time.

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