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Characteristics and installation precautions of salt spray testing machines

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Characteristics and installation precautions of salt spray testing machines

The salt spray corrosion test chamber evaluates the salt spray corrosion ability of materials and their protective layers, and compares the process quality of similar protective layers. Not only does the company conduct tests to determine the level of corrosion resistance that its products possess, but it also treats the surface of a wide variety of materials. The corporation uses these tests to determine how well its goods can withstand corrosion in the environment. In addition to coating and electroplating, rust prevention oil, anode treatment, and other anti-corrosion techniques, these treatments also comprise coatings made of organic and inorganic substances. At the same time, it is possible to evaluate the salt spray corrosion resistance of specific items; this product is fantastic for testing the salt spray corrosion resistance of a variety of things, including industrial goods, electronic components, protective coatings for metal materials, and other parts and components.

Dongguan Hongjin Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. first began conducting business in the month of June in 2007, marking the beginning of the company's operations.  It is a high-tech manufacturing firm that specialises in the design and automatic operation of large-scale non-standard testing equipment. This is one of the company's areas of expertise. Simulated environmental testing, testing of material mechanics, optical dimension measurement, vibration impact stress testing, testing of new energy physics, testing of product sealing, and so on and so forth are just some of the testing procedures that it does. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of service that is humanly possible, and we achieve this objective by adhering to the corporate idea of "quality first, honesty first, committed to innovation, and sincere service," in addition to the quality principle of "striving for excellence." This allows us to provide our customers with the best level of service that is humanly possible.

Precautions for installation of salt spray testing machine:

1.Ensure the normal operation of power, water, and gas sources:

High And Low Temperature Salt Spray Test Chamber

220V single-phase 10A power supply, an 8MM air pipe inserted into the compressed air intake, a power plug inserted into the power supply, and the power switch turned on. When you do this, the warning lights for low water level and low salt water, as well as the warning light for low water level in the pressure bucket, which is positioned above the control panel, will all light up. In addition, the warning light for low water level in the pressure bucket will also light up. In addition to this, the warning light that indicates there is insufficient water in the pressure bucket will also become illuminated. If the light turns on in the testing room, the salt water bucket, or the pressure bucket, it indicates that there is insufficient water in one of the containers or in all of the containers together. To begin things rolling, it is suggested that both fresh water and salt water be transported into each and every one of the places that have been determined to be in the midst of a water shortage. This is done so that the process may get underway.

2. The temperature of the pressure bucket must be maintained at 47 ± 1 ℃, and the temperature of the brine bucket must be maintained at 35 ± 1 ℃:

After all of the water has been transported to its destination, the control switch that is positioned below can be turned on and put into operation. The temperature of the pressure barrel and the temperature of the laboratory will be displayed on the screen once it has been activated and the screen has been switched on. In contrast to the temperature of the laboratory, which is maintained at a constant 35 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the pressure barrel is maintained at a constant 47 degrees Celsius. This is done to ensure that the pressure barrel can withstand the necessary amount of pressure. After it has been determined what the temperature is, the shelf can be adjusted so that it forms the letter "V," and the support rod may be rearranged so that it forms the letter "O." Both of these can be done after the temperature has been known. Both of these possible arrangements can be carried out. After that, the piece of work that is going to be examined can be placed in the middle of these two layers, and it will be suitably covered by doing so because of the placement in the midst of the layers.

3. The volume of spray liquid is calculated by the whole time:

It is mandatory to perform the calculation for the average once per hour and to write the result on the container. After the product has been properly positioned, the spray switch may then be activated. This step, however, is not to be performed until after the switch has been activated. When the spray switch is turned on, the pressure gauge will immediately begin displaying the pressure that is being applied to the spray. Make the appropriate modifications to the front pressure regulating valve 2 so that the spray pressure is adjusted to 1 kg/cm. This will allow you to achieve the result that you are looking for. (It is essential to bear in mind that the pressure of this spray must not be higher than 1 kg/cm 2, as surpassing that level of pressure might easily cause tubes to burst. This level of pressure must be strictly adhered to at all times. At the point where the compressed air first enters the system, the pressure is set to 2 kilogrammes per square centimetre, which is the default value.

Walk in Salt Spray Test Room

4.It is possible to collect between 4.1.0 and 2.0ml of saline solution:

It is necessary to collect spray solution for a minimum of 16 hours. It is necessary to calculate the volume of the spray based on an average table containing its past readings.

5.The indicator on the instrument shows that it is now appropriate to stop:

First, turn off the spray switch that is situated on the control panel; second, turn on the demist switch; and third, open the cover of the test box once the fog that was previously present in the test box has been eliminated; these steps should be performed in this order.

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