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The Role of High and Low Temperature Testing for Electronic Plastic Components

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The Role of High and Low Temperature Testing for Electronic Plastic Components

Plastics, rubber, electronics, and other materials are common in the production process, but due to their inherent defects or improper manufacturing process control, these materials may experience time or stress related failures during use. Therefore, these plastic components need to be inspected by testing equipment before they can be used normally. High and low temperature test chambers are important equipment for detecting electronic plastic components, and electronic components (plastics) are the foundation of the entire machine and must meet the testing environment.

In order to ensure the reliability of the entire batch of components and meet the requirements of the entire machine, it is necessary to clean the components that may have initial faults under usage conditions. The process of component failure rate changing with time can be described as a failure rate curve similar to the "Bathtub curve". The early failure rate decreases rapidly with the increase of time, and the failure rate within the service life (or accidental failure period) basically remains unchanged.

High and low temperature test chambers for electronic (plastic) industry applications:

1. Melting insulation or sealing loss of lubricating grease with grouting adhesive, resulting in melting loss of lubricating grease | damage tower;

2. Change the properties of the material;

3. Reduce the elasticity or mechanical strength of elastic components, and shorten the service life of products;

4. Accelerate the degradation and aging of polymer materials and insulation materials, and shorten the service life of products.

The impact of low temperature on mechanical and electronic products has many aspects:

1. The freezing of electrolyte causes that the Electrolytic capacitor and battery cannot be used normally;

2. The increase in viscosity of lubricating oil, even condensation and freezing, can affect the starting performance of the product;

3. Affects the normal startup of electronic products and increases instrument errors;

4. Make materials brittle, such as plastics. Steel is easy to crack at low temperatures, and rubber Hardness hardness increases and elasticity decreases.

Most electronic component failures are caused by various physical and chemical changes in the body and surface, which are closely related to temperature. After the temperature increases, the chemical reaction speed greatly accelerates, and the fault process also accelerates. Enable timely exposure and elimination of defective components.

High temperature screening is simple and cost-effective, and can be implemented in many components. After high-temperature storage, it can also stabilize the parameter performance of components and reduce parameter drift during use. The thermal stress and screening time of each component should be appropriately selected to avoid new failure mechanisms.

It can be seen that the high and low temperature alternating test chamber is widely used in the electronic (plastic) industry, and the stress screening in the electronic (plastic) industry cannot be separated from this test equipment. When screening the electronic (plastic) product industry, under the combined action of thermoelectric stress, this equipment can effectively expose various potential defects inside and on the surface of components, making it an important project for reliability screening.

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