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Remember these points before using a xenon lamp aging test chamber

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 Remember these points before using a xenon lamp aging test chamber

The xenon lamp aging test chamber is one of the simulated aging experimental devices, which uses xenon lamps as light sources to simulate climate factors such as solar radiation and rain under natural light, accelerate material aging, and obtain material weather resistance. Used to measure the material of long-term outdoor products and observe whether the material has discoloration, discoloration, pulverization, cracking, decreased gloss, embrittlement, and decreased strength. At the same time, it can also reproduce the damage caused by rain and dew. Today, let's talk about the following issues that should be noted before using the xenon lamp aging test chamber:

1. Before use, please confirm whether the wiring of the equipment is correct and ensure the grounding wire.

2. Check whether the water level of water pressure controller and circulating pool is normal, and ensure the safety of equipment and operators.

3. During testing, unless there are special circumstances, the box door cannot be opened arbitrarily to prevent adverse consequences. For example, when conducting a high-temperature test, if the box door is opened, the high-temperature gas inside will rush out of the box, causing the operator to burn. Similarly, during low-temperature testing, operators may experience frostbite. Before opening the box, the operator should take corresponding protective measures.

4. Check if the installation position of the wet bulb gauze is correct to ensure that the correct relative humidity can be obtained during testing.

5. Testing of explosive, flammable, and highly corrosive materials is prohibited.

6. Before installing the xenon lamp aging test chamber, full consideration should be given to the heat dissipation and maintenance space of the equipment. Approximately 60 centimeters of space should be reserved around the equipment.

The rainwater immersion technology of the xenon lamp aging test chamber is completed by pumps, shower pipes, timing relay devices, etc. The spraying cycle can be adjusted, and the recommended cycle is 60 minutes/12 minutes. In order to remember the time of each test, a timer needs to be installed on the product usage panel, which helps to adjust the equipment schedule and automatically shut down the instrument after determining the time.

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