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Propose solutions for leakage in xenon lamp aging test chamber

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Propose solutions for leakage in xenon lamp aging test chamber

The leakage of sealing material in the xenon lamp aging test chamber can cause significant temperature fluctuations in the equipment, thereby affecting the accuracy of test data. In order not to affect the experiment, it should be dealt with in a timely manner. If the sealing material of the xenon lamp aging test chamber leaks, our technical engineer has briefly explained the solution, hoping to help every customer.

After long-term use, the xenon lamp aging test chamber will face a problem, that is, the door seal is not strict. What is the so-called loose seal? It is caused by aging and deformation of the seal behind the door of the xenon lamp aging test chamber, or due to improper installation, improper opening and closing of doors, vibration transportation, local depression of the door seal, or gas leakage and deformation.

1. After the xenon lamp aging box door is sealed, if the seal is bent inside, a ruler can be used to press the seal. Then, use a hair dryer to heat the bent part in front, and stop heating when the plastic is slightly soft. The xenon lamp aging door is sealed and cooled, and then remove the ruler to restore the sealing strip to its original state. It should be noted that when heating with a hair dryer, the temperature should not be too high, otherwise the plastic on the door will soften, bubble, and deform. When heating, use a hair dryer for 700W, which should be controlled between 1min and 3cm.

2. Seal the closed loose door at the seal and gently pry open. Carefully press some cotton pads into the closed part, causing a large amount of filling cotton and making it difficult to close the door. Due to the elasticity of the cotton itself, it ensures the sealing and fitting of the door body.

3. When there is a gap in the middle seal of the test chamber due to low temperature, use a dryer as the gap. Manually pull out the concave part of the sealant pad, restore the gap after loss, and let it stand for 20 minutes.

In short, if the sealing of the magnetic door of the xenon lamp aging test chamber is not good, it will directly affect the changes in the cooling capacity inside the chamber, increase power consumption, and easily cause the compressor to restart. Therefore, do not underestimate this issue. For truly unsolvable issues, or find manufacturers to maintain greater safety.

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