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Precautions for the Internal Light Source of Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber

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Precautions for the Internal Light Source of Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber

The internal light source of the xenon lamp aging test chamber is a photochemical xenon lamp used for lighting. The spectrum contains characteristics of ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared spectra, similar to the solar spectrum, and is widely used as a solar simulator. With the characteristics of high power and wide spectral output, it can be used for absorption and fluorescence excitation, with a spectral range of over 260nm and no ozone.

Xenon lamps have been widely used in fields such as hydrogen production through photolysis of water, photodegradation of pollutants, various simulated sunlight visible light acceleration experiments, and various simulated sunlight ultraviolet band acceleration experiments. By integrating various filters, multiple combinations can be achieved to evaluate the catalytic effect of narrowband and broadband fluxes.

Xenon lamp can realize Online and offline analysis experiments of solid, liquid and gas phases. According to the structure of the bulb, it can be divided into long arc xenon lamps, short arc xenon lamps, and spherical xenon lamps. According to different irradiation methods, it can be divided into internal and external types. Long arc xenon lamps generally use tubular xenon lamps placed in xenon lamp aging test chambers, with internal light scattered around. This form of light source is called an internal light source. This type of light source belongs to full band irradiation and cannot be filtered, but it is cheap and suitable for primary research in photochemistry.

Precautions for internal xenon lamps when applying xenon lamp aging test chambers.

1. The rear end of the bulb is sharp and protruding, making it relatively fragile. It is strictly prohibited to hit this area.

2. Before starting the machine and when the light source is running, it is necessary to ensure that the fan is in working condition. If the fan malfunctions, it is strictly prohibited to start the machine.

3. During operation, movement is prohibited.

4. When using a light source, be sure not to look directly at the light outlet. If there are light spots, be sure to wear protective glasses.

5. When using xenon lamps, do not touch the surface of the radiator and filter to avoid burns.

6. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the working environment to prevent small items from falling from the scattered holes above the light box.

7. The working current must not exceed 21AMP (amperes).

8. When the high-voltage module fails to activate the bulb multiple times (around 10 times) and causes it to light up, do not continue to try, replace the bulb immediately.

Operators should always pay attention to the above 8 points to avoid accidental injury to themselves.

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