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How to maintain the nozzle of the salt spray test chamber

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How to maintain the nozzle of the salt spray test chamber

During the experiment process, there may be problems of all sizes in the salt spray test chamber. Today, I will explain to the majority of users a few tips on how to maintain the nozzle of the test chamber.

1. Be sure to use distilled or deionized water to reduce impurities in the water and reduce the chance of clogging the nozzle.

2. Install an oil-water separator to avoid bringing water vapor, oil, and other substances into the compressed air, causing oil stains to adhere to the nozzle wall. Due to the small aperture of the nozzle, both impurities in water and attached oil stains can affect the formation of salt mist.

3. To avoid impact on the salt spray test chamber, it is important to handle it gently when installing or using nozzles or when unblocking them after clogging them. Do not use excessive force to damage the nozzles.

4. The spray pressure should not be set too high. Under normal conditions, the pressure should be 0.07mp-0.17mp. Excessive pressure is likely to break the nozzle.

The above are some daily precautions for nozzles. If the amount of spray is too large/too small or does not spray during the salt spray test chamber test, check whether the nozzles are normal. If the nozzle aperture is too large, it should be replaced. If it is blocked, it should be gently connected with a thin iron wire.

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