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How to choose stainless steel material and baking paint for UV aging test chamber

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How to choose stainless steel material and baking paint for UV aging test chamber

As is well known, the ultraviolet aging test box is generally made of stainless steel material, while the outer box is made of steel plate and then sprayed into baking paint. The selection of stainless steel material will affect the equipment testing effect, and the selection of baking paint will affect the appearance and use of the equipment. Today, I will share with you the selection method of equipment stainless steel and baking paint.

1、 What are the options for stainless steel: SUS321 material, SUS316 material, SUS304 material, etc.

① SUS321 material: Compared with other steels, it has certain advantages in temperature and humidity resistance. This material adds Ti element, which reduces the probability of rust in the material's weld seam.

② SUS316 material: The stainless steel of this material has good plasticity, toughness, cold deformation, and welding process performance. Similarly, the addition of Mo element to this material gives it a special corrosion-resistant structure.

③ SUS304 material: good corrosion resistance and heat resistance, good Hot working properties such as stamping and bending, no heat treatment hardening, and no magnetism. This kind of stainless steel is widely used at present.

2、 Paint selection: If the paint selection of the UV aging test chamber equipment is not good, the equipment may experience paint peeling and rusting after long-term use. Common types include powder baking paint and liquid baking paint. The difference between the two is that the former is a solid powder, and the temperature of the powder baking paint should be around 200 ° C. The overspray paint during construction can be recycled and has strong adhesion. Liquid baking paint is liquid, and the temperature of liquid baking paint should be around 150 ° C. The overspray coating during construction cannot be recycled, and the adhesion is not as strong as the former. Users can choose according to their needs.

Choosing different materials directly affects the production cost of the UV aging test chamber. Therefore, when selecting materials, manufacturers not only need to consider the performance of the materials but also the needs of customers. Some customers have strict requirements for stainless steel materials. Customers can communicate in detail with the manufacturer's sales personnel when purchasing. We design and manufacture according to customer needs, Our technical personnel will provide detailed solutions based on specific needs, optimize equipment selection, and provide customers with cost-effective testing equipment from various aspects such as performance and budget.

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