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How to Repair High and Low Temperature Test Boxes

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How to Repair High and Low Temperature Test Boxes

High and low temperature test chamber maintenance is a long-term reliability testing equipment composed of hundreds of components, each of which plays a crucial role.

1、 Controller failure:

The entire device of the controller cannot run, cannot be turned on, and no problems can be detected;

2、 Compressor failure:

It cannot lower the temperature and can only continue to rise;

3、 The heating wire system is faulty;

There will be a temperature rise that cannot rise, causing a trip;

4、 Overtemperature protector faulty:

It will cause continuous temperature rise and damage the equipment;

5、 Sensor failure:

It will affect the uniformity and fluctuation of the entire equipment;

6、 The solid-state relay is faulty;

It will affect the constant startup and tripping;

7、 Motor failure;

It will affect the inability to exhaust the wind inside and the inability to raise or lower the temperature.

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