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Analysis of Three Environments in UV Aging Test Chamber

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Analysis of Three Environments in UV Aging Test Chamber

The ultraviolet aging test chamber can be used to detect the performance parameters of objects in environments such as ultraviolet radiation. During the testing period, the equipment can simulate various natural environments. Today, the editor will introduce three environments: condensation, ultraviolet radiation, and rain exposure.

1、 Condensation environment: Many items are exposed to humid environments outdoors for a long time, and the cause of such long-term outdoor humidity is generally not rain but dew. Using the UV aging test box, the condensation effect can be used to simulate outdoor moisture corrosion. During the condensation cycle during the test operation, hot steam is generated by heating the water tank at the bottom of the equipment, and then filled in the laboratory. The hot steam will maintain the relative humidity of the detection room at 99.99% while maintaining it at high temperature. As the sample is fixed on the side wall of the laboratory, it will be exposed to the surface of the test piece in the ambient air of the test piece, Contact with one side of the natural environment has a condensation effect, resulting in a certain temperature difference between the inside and outside of the object. Therefore, during the entire condensation cycle, there will always be liquid water generated by condensation on the surface of the specimen.

2、 UV radiation: This is the basic function of the UV aging test chamber, mainly used to detect the tolerance of objects in UV environments. This simulation environment mainly uses UV light sources to simulate, with the goal of obtaining different UV radiation energy. Different UV lamps need to be selected, because different light sources obtain different UV wavelengths and radiation amounts. Users should still choose appropriate lamps based on material testing needs.

3、 Rain test of UV aging test chamber: In daily life, there is sunlight. Due to sudden rain, the accumulated hot air quickly disperses. At this time, the temperature of the material suddenly changes, resulting in thermal shock. Moreover, the water spray of the equipment can also simulate thermal shock or corrosion caused by temperature changes and rainwater erosion, and can test the weather resistance of the object in this environment.

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