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Analysis of Five Light Sources for Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber

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Analysis of Five Light Sources for Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber

The xenon lamp in the xenon lamp aging test chamber is a lamp that uses stored electrical energy or Chemical energy to flash with high intensity in a very short time. The pulse xenon lamp power supply provides stored electrical energy in the form of large capacitors. Connect the power supply to the upper computer software, control the pulse output frequency and power output intensity, and achieve the discharge of high-power light energy by the pulse xenon lamp at a certain frequency. The pulse width of existing pulse light sources is generally 10-9-10-2s, and the instantaneous brightness can reach 1010cd/m2. They are artificial light sources with high brightness except for lasers, with an instantaneous luminous flux of 109lm, a flash repetition rate of 10cd/m2 to 106 times/minute, a working life of over 106 times, and a luminous efficiency of 40lm/minute W. There are five types of pulse light sources for xenon lamp aging test chamber:

1. Various tubular pulse xenon lamps. The peak flash energy can range from several focal points in medical and lighting photography to millions of focal points in ballistic air observation and laser light sources. In addition to the tubular shape, there are also U-shaped, spiral shaped, and disc shaped.

2. Pulse xenon lamp is used for stroboscope. The frequency is several thousand hertz, and the power is several tens of thousands of watts.

3. Signal pulse light source. The frequency is 1-3Hz, the power is 10-500W, and the lifespan is 106 times.

4. Microsecond pulse light sources are used for photochemical reactions and electronic instruments.

5. The strobe indicator is used for computers or other automatic devices. Frequency 102Hz, Power number watts.

When using the xenon lamp aging test chamber, its ignition position can be vertical or horizontal. When ignition is horizontal, the inclination angle should not exceed 40 °. When vertically ignited, the anode is at the top and the cathode is at the bottom. In the case of horizontal ignition, there must be an arc that attracts a magnetic field in the horizontal direction of the bulb shell to stabilize the arc position and prevent it from drifting upwards; When wiring a light bulb, it is important to pay special attention not to invert the positive and negative poles. The "+" end of the thick electrode is the anode, and the "-" end of the thin electrode is the cathode. If the connection is reversed, the cathode will burn out within a few seconds; It must be used in conjunction with a dedicated DC power supply and trigger. The voltage coefficient of the DC power supply should not exceed 7%, and the working current during ignition should be within the specified range. Otherwise, the service life of the internal lamps in the xenon lamp aging test chamber will be damaged or even damaged.

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