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7 factors to consider when selecting a temperature and humidity test chamber

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7 factors to consider when selecting a temperature and humidity test chamber

The temperature humidity test chamber demonstrates how materials and products are affected by temperature variations. With rigorous restrictions on failures, the temperature-humidity test chamber effectively ensures successful results for items.

Brands like Hongjin's temperature humidity test chamber have produced the humidity test chambers in a variety of sizes with a number of cutting-edge features. The majority of temperature and humidity test chambers are small in size and are used to test materials and smaller products; larger machines are used to test materials and larger products.

However, there are a number of factors to take into account when selecting a temperature and humidity test chamber, including:

Varying Levels Of Humidity

Environmental testing equipment's typical relative humidity range is 20% RH to 98% RH. As most chambers have specific humidity indicators, it is important to take the humidity range into account when selecting a humidity test chamber. This chamber indication tells us what kind of test the machine is capable of handling. While certain humidity test chambers are utilized for low tests, the majority are ideal for obtaining findings for high wet tests.

Thermostatical Range

The temperature range, which frequently spans from -70 to 150°C, is another significant factor to consider. Based on the product or material's temperature, which will be checked in the humidity chamber, this can be determined.


It is crucial to review and contrast various humidity test chambers and their established properties. The objective throughout this time should be to select the machine with the most significantly increased performance. Any environmental test device's output accuracy and positivity while evaluating products and materials depend on its performance metrics.


Due to the fact that cost is one of the first factors to be taken into account, choosing the right environmental test equipment is never simple. The efficiency, performance, and features of each humidity test device vary from one another, resulting in a range of prices. The evaluation of machine costs based on the necessary features is therefore vital, depending on your budget and the requirement you have to purchase a humidity test machine.

Method Of Machine Control

The constant test chamber and the alternating chamber are the two machine control methods for humidity test chambers, and they are distinct from one another. As a result, the user's needs and the type of test machine they can operate determine the humidity test device they choose.

Temperature Variations

The majority of chambers have constant ambient test temperature variations, making parameter assignment simple. Even yet, some test chambers, such as the Hongjin's temperature and humidity test chamber, allow customers to effectively manage the test machine by a specific parameter.

Volume Evaluation

Taking into account the quantity of products and materials that might be tested is important to consider when picking a humidity test chamber. As previously mentioned, the majority of humidity test equipment is large, however others are smaller. The same is true for the maximum test volume that a machine can handle. As a result, assessing the goods or materials to be tested on the apparatus enables the user to obtain an extended chamber with precise volume.

The cooling method, which includes both air and water cooling technologies, should also be taken into account. The environment's condition should be taken into consideration when choosing the machine's cooling strategy. Despite the fact that it is more adaptable to most situations, customers typically prefer using the water-cooled version of the temperature and humidity test chamber.

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